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About Defense Continuum

and Dave Briggs

Many people ignore the most powerful weapon given to them, the mind.  They buy a weapon, hopefully receive some basic training, even if it is bad training, and feel safer believing they can protect themselves and their loved ones.  This is comparable to buying a tool and never getting proper instruction in its use or enough practice with it.  Buying a saw doesn't make you a carpenter.

As a professional instructor and college level teacher of self-defense skills for decades, I offer education and training at the lethal to non-lethal continuum to individuals and small groups in Bucks County, PA.

Dave began studying martial arts in 1970 and is experienced in multiple styles.  He holds a third degree rank in Shotokan Karate and teachers certificate in Tai Chi Chaun and Ba Gua Zhang including stick and sword disciplines.  He is certified in pepper spray usage and a USCCA certified instructor in basic handgun / concealed carry, home defense and Laser SIRT dry fire training.

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